Signature Style

I am still developing my signature look.  I have family members that only wear beige. Yes, Loren, it’s cool!  Others that enjoy a more colorful wardrobe palette and others still that wear exercise clothing 24/7.  I get it.  The fact that we are all so different makes this fashion/style issue interesting.

I remember the glory days of growing up and seamlessly styling my Batman Halloween costume throughout the year.  To this day, I honor children enjoying their alter-ego superhero.  I still enjoy cosplay, but I don’t consider that my style.

I enjoy traveling and truth be told, I like to fit in with the locals if I can.  That means generally you leave with an empty suitcase and buy stuff along the way.  That’s just me.  You can get quite far with a pair of khakis, a white polo and a cool pair of sneakers.  Hey, is that my style?

Then, there are clearly cultural influencers that influence me and others.  I saw Russell Wilson styling in a black suit with a black tie on Instagram @dangerusswilson and yes, I went out and bought the same suit.  Hey, is that my style?

I am a big boxing fan.  I follow many boxers on Social Media. @canelo certainly has style, so does @floydmayweather and @usykaa at this point in time symbolizes heroic style.  I admit to having been influenced by their posts.  But again, is that my style?

If style is really a distinctive manner of expression, then we all have our own style.  I don’t need a signature look, but it’s okay if I choose to develop one.  Whatever I wear in the moment is my fashion/style.  I’m okay with that!

You do you and let everyone enjoy all that you are. 

I think that is what style is all about.

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A man wearing a brown cow boy hat
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