Getting Gastronomical

A man eating a cup of ice cream

Let’s face it.  I like it. I love it and generally I want more of it!  I take pictures of great food because, as you know, it’s a thing.  But really it’s to remind me of great experiences that I can share with others.  I was recently in Miami.  I had a lot of Cafecitos and some Pastelitos and really a lot of good food. 

A dish with fried rice, shrimps, and bananas
A dish with rice, bananas, and a soup

So, if you’re in Miami, go checkout these restaurants:

Islas Canarias Restaurant and Bar (two locations)-Cuban Cuisine (great pastelito)

El Floridita Restaurant in Coral Way-Cuban Cuisine

Bulla Gastro Bar in Coral Gables-Spanish with a modern twist

Madroño-Nicaraguan Cuisine

La Carreta– Cuban Cuisine

You will experience gastronomical bliss!