Getting Gastronomical Let’s face it.  I like it. I love it and generally I want more of it!  I take pictures of great food because, as you know, it’s a thing.  But really it’s to remind me of great experiences that I can share with others.  I was recently in Miami.  I had a lot…

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Why Boxing?

I attribute my passion for boxing to my love of history, statistics and quantitative research.  The sport is global and is driven by multiple economies and networks so one must always exercise due diligence to be up to date.  It’s also driven by the fighters who compete in it.  A fighter’s ability to overcome opponent’s…

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Taylor Stops Davies in Seven

In what was the best pairing of undefeated British prospects since James DeGale and George Groves, Josh Taylor (10-0, 9 KO) methodically beats Ohara Davies (15-1, 12 KO) into submission in seven rounds. After a meticulous two opening frames, Taylor’s timing and accuracy took over the fight. A right jab to the temple of Davies…

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Game On

Henry Forest wearing a cap and posing at a stadium

I recently set out to visit and attend a game at all 30 major league baseball stadiums in the United States. So far, I have attended games at Anaheim, Los Angeles, Miami, Oakland, Philadelphia, San Diego and Seattle. I started a year ago, so I think this is a pretty good start to my journey.…

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Signature Style

Henry Forest’s Portrait

I am still developing my signature look.  I have family members that only wear beige. Yes, Loren, it’s cool!  Others that enjoy a more colorful wardrobe palette and others still that wear exercise clothing 24/7.  I get it.  The fact that we are all so different makes this fashion/style issue interesting. I remember the glory…

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Wynwood District Miami

White Shoes With Colourful Motif

There is something VERY COOL about the Wynwood District in Miami.  The art, the food and the overall feel makes it a must when visiting Miami.  Make sure you plan enough time to fully experience Wynwood because from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave your senses will be overwhelmed with interesting awesomeness.…

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Book Review: The WOD Handbook

Book Cover Of The Wod Handbook

There is an ongoing joke about people who do CrossFit that within 2 minutes of meeting them, they will share with you that they “DO CROSSFIT.”  The conversation will pivot from a polite discussion about the weather to their exploits in handling the “WOD” which for those of you who do not know means “workout…

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Bitcoin Miami 2022

Henry Forest Posing Beside The Charging Bull

Bitcoin Miami 2022 successfully gave a forum to those who have a passion for technology, finance and culture.  I arrived in Miami not really knowing what to expect from the conference.  After all, it has been my experience that Bitcoin is much like “Fight Club.” You buy it and then you never talk about it. …

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Do you Strike?

BitCoin Buying Platform’s Logo

There are many options for buying and sending Bitcoin. is one of our favorites.  The App is simple and elegant.  You can buy, sell, or transfer Bitcoin easily.  You can also set up direct deposit for your paycheck and allocate what portion to receive in Bitcoin.  Customer service is also extremely good.  Check them…

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Mikey Garcia Returns, Chocolatito Steals the Show

Henry Forest’s Boxing Ring Visit

Mikey Garcia returned to the ring and outpointed former two division champion Jessie Vargas. In his first ring appearance since getting shutout by arguably the welterweight in the world in Errol Spence, Garcia was looking to prove that he could contend at the world level in his fifth weight class. Early on it was Vargas…

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