Book Review: The WOD Handbook

The Wod handbook fourth edition

There is an ongoing joke about people who do CrossFit that within 2 minutes of meeting them, they will share with you that they “DO CROSSFIT.”  The conversation will pivot from a polite discussion about the weather to their exploits in handling the “WOD” which for those of you who do not know means “workout of the day.”  You will hear perfectly normal people discuss the attributes of a very bitchy Fran to how they prefer Annie over Diane.  Fran, Annie and Diane are all names of CrossFit WODs. CrossFitters will also moan and comment on the soreness of their muscles and at the same time comment that they are all in for tomorrow’s workout.  All hope that they will improve on their time or score on The Filthy Fifty, The Nasty Girl or the Fight Gone Bad workouts.  The WOD Handbook, fourth edition by Peter Keeble is an illustrated, visual guide to many known CrossFit workouts.  The book is basically divided into four sections, The Benchmark Girls, The New Girls, The Hero Workouts A-Z, The Open Workouts and the Nameless Workouts.  Check out the book.  It is quite enjoyable.  Then, when you meet someone who does CrossFit you can discuss the WODs with them. Use words like “Epic,” “Awesome,” and “Cool,” and you will fit right in. The WOD Handbook is an excellent reference tool for those wanting to learn more about the Workout of the Day.  The book is available on Amazon.